Wedding of the Year???

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Dear OK! Magazine:

Today as I was waiting to pay for my groceries I saw your newest cover “Twilight Exclusive: Wedding of the Year” and got very excited!  Are KStew & Rob Pat gonna tie the knot?  I am not one to read magazines at grocery store check out lines (ok I am, but only when no one else is looking) but I couldnt help but step closer for a better look.  Under the picture are the promising details of the wedding….all of which are from the book (and thus will be in the Breaking Dawn movie).  I felt so deceived.  However, OK!, you do promise me that “a real life wedding may not be far off”.  Lets just hope KStew grows out her mullet by then…and Rob Pattinson learns how to smile for the camera without smirking.  Cheese! 


"Oh Edward...I mean make my eye makeup sparkle"

"Oh Edward...I mean make my eye makeup sparkle"


A letter to Twilight (aka LTT)

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Here is my first letter to LTT and GriffendorsSayWhat’s response. I think it will help set the mood on my views of Kristen Stewart. LTT is yet to respond.

Dear LTT (mostly UC),

I can’t believe that some people still defend Kristen’s acting. Even in the tiny clip I saw from Catch That Kid she majorly sucked. Forgivable then, when she’s what 14? But at 18, we expect more. I had a moment of faith while watching In The Land of Women on Lifetime the other day (okay, maybe it was HBO) when she’s yelling at her sister. I had just tuned in midway and I cried out, “Oh my god! She can act!”


Kristen being angsty in In the Land of Women making Brody's job that much harder.

The movie continued. The acting skill of that moment diminished. I mean, that scene in the car where she talks about Ethan and having sexual exploration with him at age 11. And this is why she hates her mother? Ridic. Worst acting ever. Such Bella acting. Ugh.

Then I saw where she started smoking (‘cuz that was just all over your blog), totally Meg Ryan’s fault. Best moment of Kristen’s acting failure in In the Land of Women: She’s in the hospital while her mom’s doing chemo and she’s all about trying to get over her hating her mom issues. So her mom says, “Why don’t you start by telling me why you’re so angry with me.” and KStew’s all pulling an Emma Watson in HP5 think-about-her-lines-for-a-full-22-seconds-before-saying-them, then finally stutters out, “I-I just, I-I’ve been hating you for s-so long that,” LONG PAUSE “I d-don’t even know where to begin.” Why don’t you begin by getting another career that doesn’t involve speaking? (“Whoa, what is going on?”)

The main issue with KStew and the movie adaptation of Twilight for me is that they completely change her character from the book, thus changing the theme. I’m a huge promoter of the adaptation needing to lose/change details, as long as they don’t lose the overall theme. Bella not being a caretaker of her dad (not cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, always having her homework done, making sure he has stuff to make a sandwich or some form of leftovers when he’s working late etc.) in the movie is a major character development issue. When you read Midnight Sun, Stephenie gives us a blanket list of adjectives that describe Bella (from Edward’s POV, but really it’s just how SM is trying to make sure she’s got Bella down). Bella can’t recognise she’s selfless, because, well, she’s selfless. In the movie she’s not selfless, at all. A klutz, yes. Shy, yes (well, sort of). Selfless, no. How on earth are we supposed to believe that she’s more worried about the werewolves and vampires dying in Eclipse than herself dying (when clearly the vamps/wolves can’t really die all that easily) if she’s not selfless in movie one?

With Kind Regards,


Okay, seriously, she really does look like Lindsay Lohan a la Mean Girls here.

GSW’s response:
To add to this discussion I can talk about her bella acting in the movie Adventureland. Its like “wait bella works at a theme park now?” “no bella dont sleep with that guy!” ahhhh!!!! “bella cusses and smokes weed? huh???”

And a postscript from TS: Can you believe they casted KStew as Joan Jett in The Runaways movie?  UGH.

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