Wedding of the Year???

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Dear OK! Magazine:

Today as I was waiting to pay for my groceries I saw your newest cover “Twilight Exclusive: Wedding of the Year” and got very excited!  Are KStew & Rob Pat gonna tie the knot?  I am not one to read magazines at grocery store check out lines (ok I am, but only when no one else is looking) but I couldnt help but step closer for a better look.  Under the picture are the promising details of the wedding….all of which are from the book (and thus will be in the Breaking Dawn movie).  I felt so deceived.  However, OK!, you do promise me that “a real life wedding may not be far off”.  Lets just hope KStew grows out her mullet by then…and Rob Pattinson learns how to smile for the camera without smirking.  Cheese! 


"Oh Edward...I mean make my eye makeup sparkle"

"Oh Edward...I mean make my eye makeup sparkle"


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