Multnomah Falls

September 22, 2009 at 9:35 pm | Posted in twilight | 2 Comments
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TeamSeath here.  I went on a hike up to Multnomah Falls yesterday with my friend and wanted to post some of the pics since the falls is one of the sets for Twilight.  Even though the sky was blue and cloudless, it still felt like Forks weather once we were under the tree cover.  I love how green everything is!  Enjoy. (the pics are condensed, so they lost a lot of quality)

Multnomah Falls 015

View from the ground.

multnomah falls

I'm guessing this image was taken from the ground level, but after more rainfall so that the falls look more exciting.

Multnomah Falls 013

See what I mean? This is the lower part of the falls.

Multnomah Falls 017

View from the bridge. The upper half of the falls. If you look to the top left, that's where we are about to hike to!

Multnomah Falls 024

View from near the bridge of the upper falls.

Multnomah Falls 035

Vertigo shot from the very top looking down. In the righthand center of the photo you can see the sidewalk at the ground level.

Multnomah Falls 037

Columbia River Gorge, which was also used quite a bit in the film, though never when it was this sunny.

Multnomah Falls 073

This is farther up the creek from the falls. Very Forks-like I think.

Multnomah Falls 065

I wanted to show the greenery of the trees. How awesome is that? That's why I moved to Oregon. Do you think they'll cast me as Kate in BD? 😉

So, that’s that.  I tried to convince my friend to swing by Corbett’s View Point Inn on our way back to the city, but he wouldn’t do it.  Sigh, they can’t all be Twi-dorks.  When GryffendorsSayWhat comes to town though, Twilight tour! woot woot.




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  1. Great pics TeamSeth! You deff look at home in the trees there! When I visit we will deff do a Twilight tour- although it might be kind of icy & snowey and not so much green & “Twilight” looking!

    • Nah, it doesn’t snow that much here. The overcast drizzly weather will be super Twilight…plus there’s even more green and the cloud cover makes it look this electric neon green color. Super awesome.

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