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Hey fans of Twilight- 

We’ve all seen the pics of the Eclipse cast but what does everything think of these casting decisons?  TeamSeth and GriffendorsSayWhat will break it down for you here.

Xavier Samuel as Riley:

GriffendorsSayWhat: I think this is a good pick, as Riley is just a regular nondesript vampire and it really doesnt matter too much what he looks like.  Xavier is cute in a boy-next-door sort of way (or maybe a boy who breaks into your house and steals your clothes and pillows?)
TeamSeth: I agree with you. Riley was actually never attractive whenever I read the book, but I’m okay with him being cute when I have to actually look at him. 🙂 Did he steal the pillows? I hope he stole her khaki Old Navy skirt that KStew doesn’t wear in Twilight when she goes over to the Cullens for the first time. Heh.

Julia Jones is Leah Clearwater:

GSW: She almost looks too nice to be Leah…
TS: No way!!! She looks like she’s got this bad side to her. But Leah isn’t all that mean either, just heart broken. Her character is pretty depressing I think. I like this cast a lot.

BooBoo Stewart as Seth Clearwater:

GSW: I know Seth is supposed to be young, but seriously.  I guess 11 year old fans of the Jonas Brothers will be pleased?  TeamSeth what do you think of the casting of your fav character?
TS: Ugh. Makes me want to change my avatar. **READ: I’m not a pedophile, I just like the character in the BOOK because he’s so awesome and not teenage angst like…oh yeah, EVERYONE ELSE.**

Jack Huston as Royce King II:

GSW: Not sure I will be able to watch him without thinking about Pirates….he just looks too much like J. Depp.  I hope he gets a haircut before he has to play a 1930’s banker…
TS: I hate this character. I really do. I agree with the Johnny Depp part. I wish they got someone slightly younger looking, since he’s supposed to be in his 20s or younger, right? But at least this guy looks sleazy!

Jodelle Ferland as Bree:

GSW: She definitely has that freaky vampire stare thing going on.
TS: She really does! She was in so many horror films, it’s no wonder.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria (re-cast):

GSW: I dont even know where to start.  I am a little upset about this re-cast.  What happened Rachelle Lefevre?  It was only 10 days!!!  What does everything of the re-cast of Victoria?  She looks the part but I am sad about switching up a main character in the middle of the series.
TS: I hate the idea of recasting in general. Unless someone gets preggers (like Katie Holmes in The Dark Knight), then why recast? Plus I thought Rachelle was great. I mean the line “I’m the one with the wicked curve ball.” How could you not want that in the movie where she actually shines? Oh well.


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